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Daily Five Chapter Three

We know the foundation that Daily 5 is built on.  Now, we need to work on launching the Daily 5 through routines. 
Gathering Place

Here is my "gathering place" in my classroom.  (note:  these pictures are from the very beginning of the year.)  The first picture is the view from the front (to the side) of the room and the second picture was taken as I stood at the door to my classroom.  All group instruction and share times in my classroom took place from our carpet.

The Sisters say that the gathering place is where "the whole class comes together...regardless of the age of the children" because "distractions are limited...and students are able to turn and talk to each other."  I agree with everything they said because those are the exact reasons I bring my students to the carpet for each lesson.  Then the students go to their desks to complete their independent work and we gather again for the closing where I have a few of my students share what they were working on during that time.

Picking appropriate books

Before I read The Daily Five, I had the Five Finger Rule in place to help students pick out an appropriate book.  I spent some time of how to do it but I know that I didn't spend enough time because students were still not picking appropriate books when they shopped on their own.  The one element that I left out that the Sisters added was purpose.  Why do I want to read this book?  This is an excellent reflection question for students and helps them stray from picking books "just because."  I really had a student tell me that is the reason he picked a book. 

Rituals and Routines
One of my all-time favorite routines is creating anchor charts with the students to cement their learning from lesson.  I don't know how I taught before I learned about anchor charts.  When I first started using anchor charts, it was all about me.  I decided what went on that anchor chart and the students watched and listened.  Was that effective?  NO!  When I started creating a basic chart that the students helped decide what went on the chart, then my lessons became more effective.  Of course, I had an idea of the direction I wanted to take the anchor chart, but my students chose how we worded what went on the chart.

Since I have not implemented the Daily 5, I wanted to share one of my anchor charts from this year.  My students were working on questioning using the "I Wonder...Text Says" strategy from Strategies that Work.  I modeled the first question by reading, asking the question, continue reading, and writing what the text stated.  Then the students helped create the second question and found the answer as they listened to me read.  The chart is simple but effective.  When my students went back to implement the strategy in their own reading, they had this chart to remind them.

A ritual that stood out to me was the correct and incorrect model.  I have used this before in class, but the Sisters added an element that I had not thought to add before.  As you are practicing in the new elements of the daily five, a student models the correct behavior with the teacher pointing out on the anchor chart that behavior.  Then another student models the incorrect behavior with the teacher pointing out that behavior.  This is the piece I was missing:  the student who modeled the incorrect behavior then models how to do it correctly.  How was I missing this before?  I don't know, but I am going to use this strategy in all areas of my teaching.

What stood out to me the most in this chapter is the following quote:

This is my ultimate goal as a teacher.  I will not always be there to monitor their learning.  They need to be able to do it themselves AFTER I have slowly (piece by piece with practice, practice, practice) taught them how to do it.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this chapter.  Don't forget to go over and see the lovely Mrs. Freshwater at Mrs. Freshwater's Class.  She is co-hosting chapter three with me.  Link up your thoughts in the blog hop below.  Don't have a blog, then comment away.

Chapter 4 is going to be hosted by three wonderful blogs:  First Grade Blue Skies, Tattling to the Teacher, and Tales from Outside the Classroom.

First Grade Blue Skies


    1. Thanks for hosting this chapter! I love the quote that you picked out and totally agree with you!

    2. Love the quote also. There is so much I'm excited about for Daily 5, but I'm still trying to figure out how it is going to work for me!

      Teaching Little Miracles

    3. Reading this book makes me want to be in my own classroom again. I LOVE my job as a master teacher, but I sometimes miss having my own kiddos to teach. This management system would have made my reading workshop run much more smoothly than it did.

    4. Jana I am new to this blogging book study and starting to get the hang of it. How will I know who is hosting Chapter 4?

      Oh and how did you make the quote background?

      :) terri

    5. Thanks for hosting this chapter. I used a few ideas from D5 last year, but can't wait to implement it in full force this year! :)


      Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

      The Yellow Rocking Chair

    6. I like your "I Wonder" chart...very good idea! Thanks for the inspriation!

      I am your newest follower! I hope you'll check out my new "manly" blog!

      Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

    7. I too am a past-Five Finger user! I really like the I-Pick method, especially the continuation of the shoe example.

      I too like the modeling of good/"bad" behavior and how they point out the positive expectations. It addresses all three learning modalities which is a common thread throughout the book.
      Looking forward to Ch. 4!
      Kristin Cook’s Classroom Blog

    8. I had one question for you. . . (I was trying to find your email address but failed miserably). How do you make graphics such as the one you have above with the quote from the book? I was just wondering how easy/hard it is as I see them all over the blogosphere. . . BTW love the gerbera daisies! I'm a big fan of them too!

      Any help/guidance is much appreciated!


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