Thursday, October 2, 2014

Harvest of Freebies

Fall is here ( is supposed to be in my part of the world).  In celebration, a group of bloggy friends and I got together to created a A Harvest of Freebies Blog Hop.  Hop through each blog and harvest your freebies.  Some of them are for this weekend only, so don't wait!

When I was getting my Masters in Reading, one of the classes I had to take was a summer reading camp for children in the surrounding area.  The teachers were split into groups of four to five.  Each group was given around ten children.  At that moment, I was a middle school teacher.  My college professor wanted us to get experience working with a grade level different from our own, so my students were all soon-to-be second graders.  This was my first experience working with younger students, and it was a blast!  Each teacher in my group "adopted" two of the students.  I worked with a boy and a girl who were adorable!  After giving them some assessments to figure out what we needed to work on, I found out that they need work on sight words.  This was summer camp, so it needed to be fun.

The other teachers and I talked and we decided sight word bingo would be the way to go.  Each student is given a blank card.  In each box of the blank card, they wrote sight words from a given list.  The teacher had a master list of sight words on index cards.  The teacher would say a word.  If the student had that word on their card, he or she put a marker over that word.  Five in a row wins.  We used a variety of markers:  beans, buttons, candy, etc.  The students loved playing this game.  We would end every day of summer camp playing this.

Would you like your own copy?  Click on the picture below.  In the file, you will get a blank cards that are themed for fall and Halloween and every sight word on the Dolch Word list (color coded).  The word lists are sized to be printed on labels and placed on index cards or you can print them on card stock and laminate.  There are also some blank cards, so you can add your own words.

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