Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slice of Life Challenge - Day 3

I just got the phone with a wonderful friend (and teacher) who lives in Tennessee near Nashville.  She teaches seventh grade reading.  She has the best stories about her students.  Today she told me about M.  He came up to her desk today and asked her if she had a lint brush.  She said yes.  M replied that she had alot of hairs on her arms and shirt.  She told him that she has a dog which launched him into a story about his dog.  He had a lint brush at one time too.  Then he was grounded from his dog and the use of the lint brush because he "made the dog naked" (his words).  My question was:  How do you use a lint brush to completely take the hair off of a dog?  She told me that she didn't want to ask.  The story made me think.  I don't have any stories about my students as of late.  I have been so worried about getting them reading for the state writing test that we have stopped taking the the time to tell stories to each other before we write.  We just focus on the prompt, not the stories of their lives.  That is something that I really need to think about.


  1. Now this is a story that your audience--the readers of 2 Writing Teachers--will really connect with. We are all shaking our heads at some point and wondering the same.

  2. This story made me laugh! I often wonder, with as much hair as I sweep up every day, how my two labs are not totally naked.


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