Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Believe, I Care...Do You?

Listening to the video the first time, I thought of how I sometimes feel about my students: students don't care, don't want to read, and are only worried about what's on the outside. Then as the message is read backwards, I remember that there is more to my students than I sometimes give them credit for. By finding the right book, the right moment to have a conversation, the right place to show that I care for them, I can see the real person hidden beneath the indifference. As a teacher, I have to keep trying to find the core of that student. Sometimes I am the only one who believes that my student does have something wonderful to contribute to society. If I don't care, who will? If I don't believe, who will?

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  1. Great video--I showed this to my creative writing students (who also happen to be great readers. We all wish we were this creative and agree with what is said as it goes backwards!


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