Saturday, February 26, 2011

Six Words - Student Edition

It's finally here.  Snow delayed the creation but nothing could stop the creativity of the wonderful students I have the privilege to interact with on a daily basis.  Throughout our elementary building, students wrote six words stories (after their teachers modeled the process...see their stories here).  Some grades wrote stories about themselves and some wrote stories based on a picture.  They were FABULOUS!  I created a video with samples from each grade level (kindergarten through 7th grade).  ENJOY!


  1. I love this, Jana! I'm Alyssa from SMITH Magazine, and I'm hoping it's alright if I feature your video on our website in the next couple of days as our classroom of the week. Feel free to email me at

    SMITH intern

  2. Alyssa,
    Thank you! We love to be featured on your website. The students worked hard on their stories and will be excited about the news.


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