Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's time for Slice of Life 2011 sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  What is a slice?  In a slice, a writer shares a piece of his or her everyday life and shares it with a community of writers.  For more information, check out "What is a Slice of Life?" on the Two Writing Teachers blog.  I tried last year and only made it three days.  This year I am feeling better about my writing and my blog, so I am going to be more successful.

The big, scary state-mandated testing is fast approaching and the stress in my elementary school is building to a breaking point.  Teachers and students are feeling the strain.  Four weeks until the test (with one of those weeks being Spring Break).  I am wondering, "Where did the year go?"  I feel like the year just started and now it is just a few months from being finished.  I know the teachers I work with have worked hard and the students are growing by leaps and bounds.  We are one test away from being off the dreaded school improvement list.  We will do it!  I try to show the teachers that I believe in them and I believe that we (not can but) will make it.  I don't think they see all the great things students are doing every day because of the pressure and stress.

Any ideas on how to show my appreciation to the teachers and help relieve some stress are GREATLY appreciated!


  1. I know that feeling...the stress to prove that you are doing wonderful things in the classroom for your students. The pressure is insane. My friend gave everyone mini Payday candy bars before our state test last year. She wrote a saying like: the payoff will be worth the stress, believe in your students and yourself.

  2. Elizabeth,
    Thanks for the great idea. Love it!


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