Sunday, May 20, 2012

Favorite Things Sunday

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Glad that you have joined me!  Every Sunday I share some of the best ideas I have found throughout the week

Differentiated Reading
As a busy teacher, I am always on the look out for materials that are differentiated but most of the things I find are more "easy to differentiate" rather than "differentiated."  What is the difference?  A Differentiated Kindergarten explains and gives you the resources you need to implement differentiation in your classroom.  In her "Differentiated Reading" blog post she details how she uses Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business Readers to differentiate for her students.  Click on her blog button below to read all about it.

Are You My Mother?
Being honest, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear "Are you my mother?" is a first season episode of Doctor Who called "The Empty Child" where one of the characters repeatedly asks "Are you my mummy?"  As that has nothing to do with teaching, the very next thing that comes to mind is Mother's Day.  I found a really cute idea from An Open Door where the students write about their mothers but don't name them.  She then creates a bulletin board with the writing.  Go check it out by clicking the image below.  File in your idea cabinet for next year.  I pinned it so I can come back to it next year.

Flipping Bloom's
Shelley Wright starts out her article on "Flipping Bloom's Taxonomy" with this statement:  "
I think the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy is wrong."  That really caught my attention.  Bloom's was talked about in every education class I ever took (bachelor's and master's).  There has been a revised Bloom's published, but Shelley turns Bloom's upside down.  After reading the whole article, I look at Bloom's in a new way.  I am going to use the article during our weekly teacher meetings next year as a discussion starter.  Click the image below to see how Shelley Wright flipped Bloom's.

I hope you have enjoyed "A Few of My Favorite Things" and come back each Sunday to see what other fabulous finds I have gathered for your enjoyment and to add to your resources. 

Leave a comment and let's talk about flipping Bloom's and the implications this has in your classroom.


  1. Blooms throws me for a loop everytime- I don't think they give (in my school) the children enough credit for Knowledge and Comprehension...When you graph your lesson and it falls in one of those you get "ooooo, what can you do to raise it up?" Raise it up???? they HAVE to know it and understand before they can do anything else with it!!!

    Sorry- i got a little too into that for a minute

    Going Nutty!

  2. Jana, thanks for the shout out. Made my day.


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