Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School Hunt

Welcome to the next stop on the Back to School Blog Hunt!!!  Each stop has a resource that would useful in your back to school planning (whether you have started school or are about to begin school).

My school year has already begun.  Today is the ninth day of school and it feels like it has passed a blur.  All I remember clearly is that I am working with the best group of third grade students this year.  They are not officially mine, but I do borrow them for thirty minutes a day four times a week (starting next week).  This week I have only had them twice, but they were wonderful each time.  I am teaching science this year and I am working on teaching vocabulary and incorporating different kinds of texts (texts other than the science textbook) into the lessons.

 One of my favorite authors is Amy Krouse Rosenthal and I am going to use her book The Wonder Book.  The Wonder Book is a collection of poems, drawings, and wonderings about a variety of subjects.  I am only going to use two.

After I introduce the vocabulary for my vertebrate/invertebrate lessons, I am going to read (and show using an Elmo) the wonder pages to the students. Then I am going to give my students a sheet that has students with wonder bubbles above them and have them write "I Wonder" statements about our topic.  As a culminating activity for Unit 1 (Classification of Vertebrates and Invertebrates) and Unit 2 (Body Systems - Respiratory and Muscular), I am going to have my class create a periodic table like the one she created for table manners.  Click HERE or on the picture to download your copies of the activities.

Also, I had the wonderful opportunity to guest post on Tales From Outside the Classroom this week.  I wrote about teaching vocabulary in an interactive way and provided a few freebies.  Go check it out by clicking on Tessa's blog button below or clicking HERE.

Tomorrow you need to check out Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives for the last stop on the blog hunt.  If you have missed any of the stops, click through the blog hop links below.


  1. CUTE ONE!!! I enjoyed participating in this and seeing everyone's posts!


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