Thursday, January 20, 2011

World Read Aloud Day - March 9th

World Read Aloud Day is March 9 this year. I want to host an event at my elementary school to celebrate the day. I am thinking about inviting members of the community in to read community members per classroom. We did something like this last year and the kids loved it. It would be great if I could get businesses in the community to donate picture books (one per classroom) that the volunteers would read and then gift to that classroom's teacher. I could set up a drink/snack station in my office for the volunteers to come before/after their reading times. It would also be great to get donations so we could gift books throughout the day to students, so they could have a book to take home and read with their family. Another thought is to arrange library times for classes that don't have designated library time. During the library time, our wonderful librarian could read aloud to the students. Definitely something that needs to be brought to our school leadership team for discussion.

What would you do for World Read Aloud Day? Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Skippyjon Jones is one my favorite read aloud books. The whole series is great and even my middle school kids love this book.

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