Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pete the Cat is a Hit

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin was a big hit with my first graders. What is so great about Pete the Cat?  He has the best attitude! No matter what happens to his shoes he keeps walking and singing his song.

I had recently bought the book and couldn't wait to share with my class.  First stop:  Teachers Pay Teachers to see what great things other teachers were doing with the book.  There I found Deanna Jump's Pete the Cat Literacy and Math Activities.  Next stop, look at some of my favorite blogs for more ideas.  I found Pete the Cat: Our Class Book at Made for 1st Grade.

First I downloaded the free song (the author reads/sings the book), and then I turned the pages while the students listened.  They really got into it.  It didn't take them long to take over the kids part in the song saying what he was stepping in and what color his shoes would be.  I had that song stuck in my head for days.  They, of course, asked for an encore performance, but I held them off and used it to entice them for the next day of activities.

After we read the book, we used Deanna's character trait map to discuss the physical and emotional characteristics of Pete.  Snuck a little grammar in with matching has and is to the characteristics.  It is hard to beat his great attitude.  Next we created a sequel to I Love my White Shoes using the class book template from Made for 1st Grade.  I am displaying the individual pages in the hallway.  When I take the pages down, I am going to make a class book to put in the classroom library.

To show you a bit of what we have done I created a small collage to show our character map, a few pieces of the student book, and what the book looks like displayed in the hallway.  A few students are still working on their final drafts, so some of the spots are empty.  My students came up with some interesting things for Pete to step in:  honey, cheese, and raspberries are featured.

I am linking this post to 3rd Grade Times Book Linky Party.  She would like you to share your favorite books and why you and your students love them.  Click on her blog button below to be taken to the post.

Remember to keep walking and singing your song!


  1. We love the Pete the Cat and get a lot of mileage out of him in my room. Lately when noses get a little out of joint over nothing worth worrying about, my code words are "Pete the Cat." :) We made the classroom book too. It turned out very cute.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Tammy, I am going to institute those code words. That is great idea!

  3. Jana, thank you so much for joining my linky party!! And thank you for posting about it! I really appreciate it! I am so excited to check this book out, it sounds great! All 4 of the books that have been linked I have not heard of, so this has been so helpful to me! Thanks so much again for your help!!


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