Monday, February 20, 2012

Picture Writing Prompts

Getting started when beginning a writing piece is where most of my students struggle.  It doesn't seem to matter what grade I teach, they all have the same issue.  My eighth graders told me the same thing my first graders tell me now, "I don't have anything to write about."  One way to help students get started is through picture writing prompts.  A picture can get the student writer thinking...the biggest step.

In that spirit, I have created some picture writing prompts.  After the picture writing prompts is a link to a file that has the prompts as you see here, the prompts with no color in the background (to save on the ink cost if you need to print them), writing paper, and suggested use ideas.

Click on the picture below to get all the prompts and more in one download!

Need more writing prompts?  Be sure to check out the awesome linky party being held by The Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher and Classroom Magic.  There is even a Pinterest board for the occasion.


  1. Hi Jana,

    Thanks for the picture prompts! What a wonderful idea! My third graders often tell me " I don't know what to write about". Thank you so much for sharing. I found your blog on TPT. I am a new follower.
    Have a great week!

  2. SOoooo stinkin cute! And, I love your different colored backgrounds. Ha! Didn't think of that when I did mine! Great job!

  3. Thanks for being my a follower, Krista. I entered your giveaway.

    Ann Marie - Thank you!

  4. Love these prompts! Very creative. I use pictures all the time to strike up conversations in oral language groups, so these are perfect! I am your newest follower- looking forward to checking out more of your ideas!

    <a href=">The Second Grade Superkids</a>

  5. Thanks for following Krista! I am glad that you will be able to use the prompts.

  6. This is so great!!! The other day, I pulled up my pinterest board "Minis" and showed the is a board where I have tons of baby animals. They loved it AND had something fun to write about!!


    Apples and ABC's


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